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Strengthening technological competence

Steinau, April 1, 2014. The Anvis Group is investing in the modernisation and expansion of its rubber mixing department as well as in the development and production company for chassis components in the plant in Decize, central France. Due to historical existing structural problems in the production of automotive components since the takeover of the former Michelin plant, the Anvis Group is shutting down the manufacture of vibration units. This strategic re-organisation is the foundation for continuing to be successful on the vibration unit market and applying resources optimally throughout the company. “In this way we will satisfy our client’s demands for competitive prices and fast delivery”, Olaf Hahn, CEO of the Anvis Group, explained. The production shift required the downsizing of 194 jobs. On the other hand, “re-orientation in Decize secures the jobs of 259 well-trained employees on location”. The re-organisation in French Decize and thereby the preservation of the location was made possible thanks to the long-term investment strategy of Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI), which took over the Anvis Group completely in the past year.

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The Anvis Group supplies high-quality anti-vibration system to automotive manufacturers like, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Audi, Porsche or MAN, for example. The plant in Decize, central France was brought in 2000 from Michelin in a joint venture with the German automotive supplier Woco. The over 100 years experience in the rubber industry and expertise in the production of chassis parts are at the core of the Anvis Group’s know-how. Production itself, however, had been deficient for a long time. Thus in the last four years significant losses were recorded, which the Anvis Group had to offset. Triggered by the weak automotive industry at the end of the last century, production capacities were gradually being transferred to Eastern Europe. This trend is continuing and the French automobile manufacturers are also no longer obtaining their vendor parts exclusively from within their own country.

In addition, the automotive industry is passing the cost pressure onto the suppliers. “Whoever wants to keep up in global competition has to provide competitive prices”, Olaf Hahn explained. Production structures like those in Decize do not enable manufacturers to achieve the required prices. “Changing market conditions as well as the unsustainable long-term losses in Decize have prompted us to make the strategic decision to transfer the production”, Olaf Hahn continued. Because European Anvis clients meanwhile manufacture mainly in Eastern Europe, the construction of a new plant in Romania was a step towards optimisation of the supply chain and resource allocation. The proximity to clients reduces delivery times and costs. The new plant is also constructed according to the newest process and environmental standards, so that the Anvis Group is also contributing to sustainability.

Upgrading the location in France

The decades of experience gathered in Decize remain elementary for Anvis. That is why the company invested about 44 million Euros in the development and production of rubber mixtures as well as vibration-related industrial applications. In this way a modern development centre is being established, which is globally strengthening the technological competence of the Anvis Group and contributing to the company’s successful growth rate.

Additional qualified employees are currently being sought after for existing departments in Decize. However, staff reduction in the production of automotive components is unavoidable. “We are aware of the consequences for the affected employees. That is why we have developed an extensive social plan”, says Laurent Ragueneau, CEO of Anvis France Decize. At first, measures to optimise working hours and internal restructuring were attempted in order to limit the number of lay offs. The social plan contains generous compensations, counselling and support in finding new employment as well as funds for further education and re-training measures for the remaining 194 affected employees.

About the Anvis Group

The Anvis Group is active worldwide. Whether in the motor, transmission and chassis suspension or exhaust mountings and vibration absorbers – Anvis parts are built into the entire car. The main sector is the development of anti-vibration systems; systems to isolate vibrating parts in vehicles. The Group generates sales of over 300 million Euros at 13 locations worldwide. Clients include all leading automotive manufactures like VW, BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, Audi, Porsche, MAN and many others. The company’s competence also flows into other sectors, like the railway and aviation industry. In 2013, the Anvis Group was taken over 100% by Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI). TRI is a worldwide market leader in the automotive vibration technology sector.

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