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The future of mobility lies in the material

Steinau, 03 September 2015 Where is the automobile of the future heading? What role will driving comfort and driving dynamics play? And which innovative products and materials will impact these two characteristics today and tomorrow? Answers to these questions will be provided at the IAA 2015 by the “House of Automotive Comfort” that comprises Sumitomo Riko, the Anvis Group, which represents the Japanese group in Europe, as well as the Italian fluid handling specialist DyTech. The merger of these three companies resulted in the Sumitomo Riko Group which, as a global market leader for anti-vibration systems, has significantly expanded its development expertise and component portfolio, particularly for European OEMs. “It’s all about managing the complexity of the next generation of vehicles,” explains Olaf Hahn, Managing Director of the Anvis Group and member of the board of Sumitomo Riko. The group is therefore developing, among other things, controllable unit mountings for budget vehicles as well as for luxury limousines. A Smart Rubber will enable new solutions for many functions in the area of sensor technology in the future and the use of new materials will increase the durability and fatigue strength of components. The long-term innovation potential of the group and ground-breaking, series-production-ready, state-of-the-art solutions will be on display through illustrative demonstrations at stand A12, hall 6.1, in the “House of Automotive Comfort” area of the largest automobile show in the world.
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In 2013, the Japanese company Sumitomo Riko took over the German Anvis Group and the Italian company Dytech. Over the past 2 years, a successful integration process has taken place. With the new regional strategy, the three companies are combining not only their development skills. The products, which complement each other to a certain extent, will be delivered worldwide from 103 sites in 23 countries to customers.
Anvis is responsible for Europe and assumes responsibility for products throughout the Sumitomo Riko Group when it comes to OEMs and Tier 1 customers. The group will be presenting this range of services at the IAA in the “House of Automotive Solutions”. The portfolio of products ranges from high-performance engine bearings and new concepts in fluid handling to reduced-weight engine covers and ultralight headrests through the use of innovative materials. “Weight reduction, minimisation of emissions, safety and comfort are our key drivers when it comes to developing automotive components,” explains Hahn regarding the product range.

For a light future
In addition to the products, development expertise in particular plays a crucial role when it comes to dealing with future mobility needs. The Sumitomo Riko Group has twelve research and development centres worldwide. “The experience and expertise of Sumitomo Riko, Anvis and Dytech complement each other perfectly,” says Hahn. The group is primarily focused on developing materials to optimise driving dynamics and comfort on a sustainable basis. Great potential exists, for example, in the improved reliability and performance of rubber mixtures and the use of plastics to replace metal for weight reduction. One OEM, for example, is about to start production of suspension bushings with an outer shell made of plastic instead of metal.
The Smart Rubber of the Sumitomo Riko Group possesses sensory qualities. The level of accuracy available for measuring pressure and temperature enables new solutions for various functions in automobiles. The measurement of biometric data can be used to deduce the driver’s physical state, for example. However, existing sensor and actuator systems in the automobile can also be substituted by this material, which has a high level of reliability and durability due to the elimination of any mechanical and electronic components. The Sumitomo Riko Group will be demonstrating the principle of Smart Rubber in various applications at its stand at the IAA.

Active adjustment of the unit mounting
Controllable bearings will play a decisive role when it comes to driving comfort in the future. The Sumitomo Riko Group will be using a small vehicle model to demonstrate how innovative bearing systems and the resulting ability to adapt to different driving situation works. These adaptive bearings can be employed to optimise comfort properties further through an improved stiffness and damping behaviour. 

About the Anvis Group
Whether engine, gearbox, and chassis mounts or exhaust system hangers and vibration dampers, Anvis components are installed in all parts of automobiles. Its main focus is the development of anti-vibration systems, i.e. systems to decouple vibrating parts in vehicles. The group achieves a turnover of over €300 million at its 14 sites around the world. Its customers mainly include leading automobile manufacturers such as the VW Group, BMW, Mercedes, Renault-Nissan or General Motors. The company also has expertise in other industries such as the rail and aviation industry. In 2013, the Anvis Group was taken over in full by Sumitomo Riko Company Limited (formerly Tokai Rubber Industries). Sumitomo Riko is the global market leader in the automotive vibration technology sector.

About the Sumitomo Riko Group
In addition to the Japanese company, the Sumitomo Riko Group also includes the German Anvis Group and the Italian company Dytech. With the merger of the companies in 2013, the number of production plants rose to 103 in 23 countries. With twelve research and development centres globally, the group develops innovative solutions for the mobility of the future. The products range from anti-vibration systems such as engine, gearbox and chassis mounts, exhaust system hangers and vibration dampers as well as hose systems such as molecular fuel hoses through to components made of polyurethane such as engine covers. The group achieves a turnover of €2.8 billion annually. Its customers mainly include leading automobile manufacturers such as the VW Group, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Renault-Nissan, Mazda, Toyota or General Motors. The expertise of the Sumitomo Riko Group also flows into other sectors, however, such as the rail and computer industry as well as health applications.
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