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Anvis on course for growth

Steinau, 26 June 2014. The parent group of the German Anvis Group, one of the leading providers of vibration control components and anti-vibration systems, is getting a new name. In a meeting of the Board of Directors held on 19 June 2014, the Japanese company took the decision to change its name from Tokai Rubber Industries (TRI) to Sumitomo Riko as of 1 October of this year. “This step is part of our global strategic corporate development ‘2015 TRI Group Vision'”, explains Olaf Hahn, CEO of the Anvis Group. The plan is for the group to increase its turnover from over €3.3 billion today to in excess of €7 billion by 2020. With 13 locations around the world and as a full subsidiary of the company, the Anvis Group is contributing to this growth and aims to double current turnover to over €600 million.

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Following its takeover by TRI (Sumitomo Riko from 1 October 2014), the Anvis Group has become the global market leader in vibration control components and anti-vibration systems in the automotive sector. The now decided change in name of the parent group signals the next step towards growth. The combination of words is made up of the globally known and trusted brand of the principal shareholder “Sumitomo” Electric Industries Ltd. and the Japanese word for physics, chemistry and technology “Riko”, which reflects the core areas of our service portfolio. The company focuses its efforts on “automotive”, “ICT”, “infrastructure”, “living environment”, “medicine/care and health” as well as “environment and energy”.

Anvis is creating the right conditions for growth through a forward-looking investment strategy. In the same street as the headquarters in Steinau, for example, a new building complex for development and testing is being constructed which should be occupied in the coming year. “We are already in the process of hiring 25 new employees in order to handle the improved order situation”, says Hahn of these developments. Following the plant expansion in Mexico, a new plant is opening in the Romanian city of Satu Mare at the end of June 2014. In addition, production capacities are to be increased at our sites in the Czech Republic and China.

TRI/Sumitomo: the perfect partner

“TRI is the perfect partner for us”, Hahn continues. “The group is opening us and our customers up to a truly global network of expertise.” This is creating synergies in the area of development, for example, and production capacities can be allocated where required. “We also profit from access to true innovations such as adjustable engine mounts”, says Hahn happily.

Tokai Rubber Industries Ltd. was founded in 1929 and since then has become one of the global leaders in rubber technology. Using its experience in the production of rubber parts for industrial applications such as conveyor belts and high-pressure hoses, it successfully entered the automotive market with its anti-vibration systems in 1954. The company then went on to expand into industries such as infrastructure (railways and bridges, for example) and information and communication technologies (such as precision parts for office equipment).

TRI serves a wide range of customers. In addition to the automotive industry, it also supplies to steel producers, mechanical engineering companies and IT manufacturers. TRI has a global turnover of €2,519 billion (2011). The company employees almost 14,000 staff in total.

About the Anvis Group

Whether engine, gearbox and chassis mounts, or exhaust suspensions and vibration dampers, Anvis components are installed in all parts of automobiles. Its main focus is the development of anti-vibration systems, i.e. systems to decouple vibrating parts in vehicles. The group achieves a turnover of over €300 million at its 13 sites around the world. Its customers mainly include leading automobile manufacturers such as the VW Group, BMW, Mercedes, Renault-Nissan or General Motors. The company also has expertise in other industries such as the rail and aviation industry. In 2013, the Anvis Group was taken over in full by Sumitomo Riko Company Limited (formerly Tokai Rubber Industries). Sumitomo Riko is the global market leader in the automotive vibration technology sector.

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