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New direction during difficult times

Steinau, 30 March 2015. The Anvis Group established its location in Togliatti, Russia, in 2008. In the process, the world’s market leader for anti-vibration systems invested significant amounts of financial and personnel resources into the operation. The uncertain geopolitical situation and the worsening recession in Russia have prevented the company from receiving a return on investment up to now and are increasingly hurting the earnings of the entire Anvis Group. For this reason, the management team of the automotive supplier has decided to relocate its production operation from the plant in Russia. “This decision will not affect our local presence in any way,” said Olaf Hahn, the Managing Director of the Anvis Group. “Both our local sales unit and the development centre will remain in Russia. As a result, they can continue to work closely with customers and meet their needs.” No supply shortages will occur either. The production operation will continue to deliver quality components through the end of June.
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In the past seven years, Anvis has invested heavily in the development of its plant in Russia in order to bolster its own, international-level function and quality standards. The Togliatti plant began producing engine mounting systems, vibration dampers and chassis components in 2010. Since then, it has continuously produced excellent anti-vibration components. Most recently, the plant employed more than 100 employees who generated annual turnover of €10 million.
In explaining the reasons for the company’s carefully thought-out decision, Hahn said: “Unfortunately, the large amount of money that we have invested in the expansion of capacities has not yielded any positive results.” Instead, the losses experienced by the operative business increased particularly last year. The Russian economy is mired in a deep recession that has been exacerbated by the geopolitical situation. As a result, sales produced by OEMs plummeted, and the demand for anti-vibration components has declined as well. Experts also not expect that the Russian economy will recover any time in the near future.

Transparent decision
“We have already informed our customers about our decision to restructure the Russian plant,” Hahn said. Ordered components will be produced and delivered by Togliatti until the end of June. Because all of the company’s plants around the world use the same Anvis quality standards for production, customers will still be able to receive the parts and component groups they need after June. The point of contact will remain the local sales department. In addition, no changes will be made in Russia regarding service to meet customers’ own special needs. The company’s development centre in Togliatti will remain in operation.

“As a result of the relocation of production operations, we will be unable to avoid redundancies,” Hahn said. “We will try to keep them to a moderate level and will provide assistance to affected workers.” Employees will also have an opportunity to transfer to one of the 14 other plants that the Anvis Group operates around the world. Employees in Togliatti have already been informed about the restructuring.

About the Anvis Group
Whether engine, gearbox and chassis mounts, or exhaust suspensions and vibration dampers, Anvis components are installed in all parts of automobiles. Its main focus is the development of anti-vibration systems, i.e. systems to decouple vibrating parts in vehicles. The group achieves a turnover of over €300 million at its 14 sites around the world. Its customers mainly include leading automobile manufacturers such as the VW Group, BMW, Mercedes, Renault-Nissan or General Motors. The company also has expertise in other industries such as the rail and aviation industry. In 2013, the Anvis Group was taken over in full by Sumitomo Riko Company Limited (formerly Tokai Rubber Industries). Sumitomo Riko is the global market leader in the automotive vibration technology sector.
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