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Solutions for high demanding fluid management applications

Hannover, 01.04.2019; The Sumitomo Riko Group is one of the market leading solution supplier in the field of elastomeric applications worldwide. With a worldwide footprint of 106 entities in 23 countries the group is representing more than 3,5 bln Euro turnover in automotive and industrial application. With acquisition of the companies Anvis Group and Dytech in 2013, Sumitomo Riko started the expansion successfully in Europe. At the Hannover Messe 2019 Sumitomo Riko Hosetex, Ltd. and SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. of the Sumitomo Riko Group are presenting these industrial solutions in fluid management.

The Sumitomo Riko Group has built up core competencies in the field of polymer material backed by comprehensive evaluation and processing technology. This year, Sumitomo Riko Hosetex and SumiRiko Industry France will present these solutions for industrial fluid management at the Hannover Messe. The brands Dilatoflex® and Advanstar cover a wide range of applications in this field.

Hydraulic hoses provide outstanding durability
Sumitomo Riko Hosetex is utilizing rubber compounding, molding technology, metal fitting processing, and bonding technology to provide ultra-durable hoses that meet the needs of various industrial machines. the hydraulic hoses feature a multi-layered structure consisting of layers of rubber and wire to provide both resistance and flexibility. The use of special compound rubber imparts resistance to weather and long-term durability. For civil engineering Sumitomo Riko Hosetex provides a variety of hoses geared for individual solutions such as air, water, oil, raw concrete, abrasion resistance, chemical resistant, food conveyance, and more.
At the Hannover Messe Sumitomo Riko Hosetex will be presenting a new series of hydraulic hoses that meet the requirements of the ISO18752 standard and are designed for constant working pressure (isobaric) concept.
Using technical capabilities previously developed to meet the strict requirements of Japanese manufacturers of construction machinery and industrial vehicles, Advanstar hydraulic hoses offer higher durability and improved handling with greater flexibility.
Sumitomo Riko Hosetex also exhibits a wide line-up of hydraulic hoses to meet customers’ different needs. The full range of industrial hoses is covering highest demands in industrial applications.

Introducing new expansion joint product lines
Dilatoflex® specializes in expansion joints to reduce vibrations, allow expansion due to thermal changes of the fluids used or a change of the ambient and furthermore to reduce fluid-hammers because of sudden valve closing. The reduction of vibrations and fluid-hammers reduces noises and improves comfort. SumiRiko Industry France is presenting two innovative product lines at Hannover Messe:

  • F-type: a cutting-edge expansion joint with aramid carcass, loose flanges which can be designed and produced on customers demand. The one-piece-flow technology used for this expansion joint offers big flexibility and short delivery time.
  • T-type: a new product line that offers loose flanges in the length of 150 mm and 200 mm. Using an innovative process technology, the T-type offers benefits in performance and delivery time compared to existing solutions.

Strong technological collaboration in the industrial sector
With its innovative power in polymer materials, the Sumitomo Riko Group is a global partner to its customers in all industrial applications. With the joint presentation of the brands Dilatoflex® and Advanstar at the Hannover Messe, synergies in the group are therefore in the foreground in addition to the competencies in the individual product portfolios.
Sumitomo Riko Group will increasingly focus on synergies in industrial applications in the future. Above all, the global development network, which can quickly transfer innovations in material and process into various fields of application, will support.
But the close connection to the customers in the selected market fields is the key to supply state-of-the-art applications. Therefore, the joint presence of Sumitomo Riko Hosetex and SumiRiko Industry France is another milestone of business integration in Europe.

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SumiRiko Industry France
SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. is a company of the SumiRiko AVS Holding Germany GmbH and thus part of the Sumitomo Riko Group, the world market leader for vibration-related components and systems in the automotive industry. SumiRiko Industry France S.A.S. is a primary developer, manufacturer and distributor of elastomer decoupling components. The brands Dilatoflex® and Klematch® represent cutting-edge technology in their respective markets. Long-time experience, application know-how, development and material expertise are founded in the history of the company. Beginning with the company “Société Française B.F.-Goodrich” and later “Kléber-Colombes”, a global specialist for technical decouples emerged in the span of 100 years. The company solution portfolio is focused mainly on railway (rolling stock decoupling) and expansion joints for industrial pipe systems. Based in Decize, France, SumiRiko Industry France is deploying R&D experience and footprint of the global Sumitomo Riko Group.

Sumitomo Riko Hosetex
The industrial hose production started 1945 followed by hydraulic hoses in 1959. The Sumitomo Riko Hosetex Ltd, located in Kyoto is representing a portfolio of hoses for high performance industrial applications. Sumitomo Riko Hosetex is partner of OEM manufacturers and service partners worldwide serving the customers with excellent products and outstanding support. As a company within the Sumitomo Riko Group the company benefits of the cutting-edge expertise in elastomer applications and the groups footprint with 106 locations in 23 countries.

Sumitomo Riko Group
Founded in 1929, Sumitomo Riko is a manufacturing company headquartered in Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan. In the field of “Automotive (Mobility)”, the company manufacture anti-vibration rubber parts, in which they have a leading global share, as well as rubber and resin hoses, urethane sound controlling & insulation products, and interior equipment. The group are also applying the technologies they have accumulated in automobile parts development to expand their business in the fields of “Infrastructure and Housing environment”, “Electronics”, and “Healthcare”. Utilizing their global network of 106 bases in 23 countries, Sumitomo Riko Group aims to be a “Global Excellent Manufacturing Company” that contributes to the safety, comfort, and environment of people worldwide.