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Anti-Vibration Systems

Using innovative solutions, we influence the NVH properties throughout the vehicle system – from the chassis and drive train to the exhaust system. The chassis components, engine mounts, decoupling elements, vibration absorbers and exhaust system hangers made by SumiRiko AVS Germany and Sumitomo Riko significantly help to enhance driving comfort and driving dynamics.
Chassis Components

The chassis is the link between the bodywork and the road. Its design and tuning helps to ensure the optimum balance between a vehicle’s safety, comfort, dynamics and agility. In order to meet the various requirements (in particular those relating to comfort and dynamics) innovative anti-vibration systems are needed.

Engine Mount Systems

Sumitomo Riko specializes in developing engine mount systems in accordance with the customer’s specifications. This includes all aspects connected with the validation of NVH requirements. The various tasks performed by engine mounts are identified in advance – by viewing the system as a whole and carrying out structural analysis of individual components. In addition to conceptual design services, SumiRiko AVS offers prototypes, vehicle analysis (including strength tests), fatigue analysis and even the complete verification of simulation.

Decoupling Elements

Innovations even for the “smaller” mount components.

Efficient solutions are created when all the requirements for the various applications are known. These can be anything from fluid pipe lines and pumps to valve blocks and radiators. In order to find out whether special solutions to be provided or suitable standard components are already available, we hold discussions with the OEM’s NVH specialists on an equal footing.

Vibration Absorbers

Vibration absorbers are used to reduce resonance vibration. They improve vehicle comfort and extend the life of components subject to vibration. Through exact tuning of the spring damper system, a high level of effectiveness can be achieved with just a small absorber mass. A team of specialists comes up with the best solution in each case in the shortest possible time.

To assist with the development work, high-performance CAE tools and modern testing systems are available. Vibration absorbers are typically used on drive shafts, steering wheels, axles, exhaust systems, mirrors, braking systems and vehicle bodywork.

Exhaust System Hangers

Sumitomo Riko develops tailor-made exhaust system hangers according to your specifications. Finite element simulations are used to produce components offering optimum functions. The materials which are specially developed for this purpose are used efficiently, thus ensuring good value for money. Our optimum solutions for all hanger points and connection types are protected by patents.