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Standardised processes globally

The excellence system is our shared company philosophy and defines how we do things. It forms the basis for our worldwide production and guarantees global quality and process efficiency.

1.     It conveys a comprehensive vision of core processes at SumiRiko AVS Germany and how they can be improved on an ongoing basis.

2.     It provides a structured approach for achieving our vision.

3.     It includes tools and methods designed to help all SumiRiko AVS Germany staff contribute to the success of the group.

Core processes at SumiRiko AVS Germany production sites

1 | Elastomer mixing
  • Up to 40 additives are mixed with natural and synthetic rubber to produce a rubber mixture.
  • The formulations are developed and tested by our materials development experts on the basis of the required product specifications.
  • The rubber mixture is then mass produced either in our own plants or by certified suppliers around the world.

2 | Adhesion
  • The surfaces of the components are activated by degreasing and shot-peening them.
  • ​The parts are coated at the intended position with adhesive.
  • The coating process for mass production purposes is carried out either in our own plants or by our certified suppliers.

3 | Vulcanization
  • During vulcanization, the rubber mixture is bonded to the metal or plastic parts.
  • ​Injecting the mixture into the vulcanizing mould under the effects of heat and pressure results in an AVS part with the required specifications.

4 | Assembly
  • The final assembly work involving the vulcanized parts is then carried out. This includes filling hydraulic dampers.
  • ​To ensure that no defective parts are sent out, automatic quality checks are also carried out as an integral part of the final assembly procedures.