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Compliance Helpline

Compliance Helpline operated by an outsourcer for the Compliance Committee. The helpline receives inquiries about compliance violations and the possibility of compliance violations and reports them to the Compliance Committee at SumiRiko AVS Germany. This helpline can be used by SumiRiko AVS employees group wide, Business Partners (Suppliers and Customers) but also regional residents of SumiRiko AVS plants.

    To stay anonymous please only fill in your complaint.

    External Lawyer

    Phone. +49-69 630 001 26
    (all calls will be forwarded to the outsourcer directly without any storage or track)

    Available Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 12:00 – 04:00 pm (CET)
    (closed on other days and bank holidays)

    email: helpline(at)skwschwarz.de

    Or alternatively, directly to

    our compliance committee:

      To stay anonymous please only fill in your complaint.

      Compliance Committee
      SumiRiko AVS Germany

      Please be aware, that this form is only for compliance-related issues.

      If you have inquiries concerning other topics, please use the general contact form.