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Corporate Social Responsibility


With the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Compact, and other global initiatives in mind, we have categorized aspects of CSR management into the following three perspectives for the establishment of our CSR Management Policy.

  1. Take action that does not harm society and the global environment (minimization of negative impact)
    • Appropriate responses to risk in areas such as human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption
  1. Contribute to solving social and global environmental challenges (maximization of positive impact)
    • Businesses and social contribution activities that provide solutions to social challenges
    • Human diversity that contributes to the emergence of innovation
  1. Improve engagement with stakeholders through communication and raise corporate value with a long-term view
    • Information disclosure, dialogue, collaboration



We have identified six fields of activity:

Business Ethics, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Sustainability, CSR Supply Chain Management, Corporate Citizenship, as well as Human Resources Management and Human Rights.

You can download our complete CSR policy here.

More information about all CSR activities from the Sumitomo Riko Group can be found here.