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Silence. The most natural Type of Comfort.


Experience, expertise and ideas under one roof.
Millions of people experience mobility each day. As global technology leaders, we create innovative, vibration control solutions to make these movements more comfortable and safe. We combine the strengths of strong partners, technology and development expertise, experience and innovativeness in a global center of excellence for automotive vibration control technology – the HOUSE OF AUTOMOTIVE COMFORT.


22.05.2023 | Kazuhiko Kato: Portrait in The CEO Magazine

How do you manage the most comprehensive transformation the automotive industry has seen to date? Smart products, but they only register when they don't work: Anti-vibration components ensure safety and comfort in the vehicle. Electric drives have their own...

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Whether you are looking for a direct entry position, an apprenticeship or an internship, if you would like a challenging career, SumiRiko AVS Germany could be just what you want.


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