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Sumitomo Riko is opening a European technology center in Steinau an der Straße

Steinau, 07.06.2019. Vehicles with alternative, mostly electric drives are gaining more and more market share. In order to keep pace with this change in mobility, Sumitomo Riko opens a new technology center at the location of its subsidiary SumiRiko AVS Germany GmbH in Steinau an der Straße.

The world market leader for vibration control components is thus emphasizing its strategic position towards European automobile manufacturers and is aligning its development activities even more closely with the requirements of new mobility concepts. “We are in the fortunate position that our technology is largely independent of the respective drive concept as long as the vehicle rolls on the road,” explains Hiroaki Tanahashi, CTO of SumiRiko AVS Germany. “Nevertheless, the requirements for vibration damping in an electric vehicle are different from those of a combustion engine.” For example, the vibrations of an electric motor are far more high-frequency and the comparatively heavy battery also places new demands on the chassis design.

Following the laying of the foundation stone in May 2018, a new technology center was therefore built, which was adapted from the ground up to meet the future requirements of automotive development. In the new 5,000 sqm floor space, which includes a technical center and the extension of the main building, the building structures were consistently oriented towards the requirements of the automotive product development process.

With the introduction of a multifunctional team structure, also agile methods were implemented, enabling customer-oriented work without friction losses. “We have not made it easy for ourselves to implement this new structure,” knows Olaf Hahn, Chairman of SumiRiko AVS Germany. “However, it was clear to us that we would not be very successful without the involvement of the affected employees. And so the organizational changes were co-designed by the workforce right from the start. We also proceeded in the same way with the technical implementation of the technological center. Without the commitment of the employee teams, we would not have been able to keep to the schedule or achieve such a degree of implementation.”

Like the administration building, which was opened in 2015, the new building was constructed according to the latest energy standards. For example, intelligent heat exchanger systems ensure that the waste heat from the technical processes is used for the air conditioning of the new building.

The offices have been spaciously and brightly designed and are flooded with daylight through large windows and glass doors. Open communication areas offer the opportunity to steer ongoing projects by “short official channels”. The conception of the communication technology, which allows completely paperless working, is also innovative. After moving into the building in April this year, all employees at the site now benefit from the proven open and process-oriented building concept.

“For at least a decade, the industry has been talking about the far-reaching changes in the automotive industry. Now it seems that the new drive technologies are finally ready for the mass market,” Tsutomu Matsuoka, President & CEO SumiRiko AVS Germany, realizes. “Nevertheless, we cannot foresee what our mobility will look like in ten years’ time, and so openness to technology and willingness to innovate are decisive success factors in shaping this change positively for the company and the location.”

The opening of the technology center will take place on 7 June as part of an event with invited guests from the industry sector and company representatives as well as representatives of the city and the district.

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About SumiRiko AVS
From engine, gearbox, and chassis mounts to exhaust system hangers and vibration dampers, SumiRiko AVS (formerly Anvis Group) components are installed in all parts of automobiles. The company’s main focus is the development of anti-vibration systems, i.e. systems to decouple vibrating parts in vehicles. The group achieves a turnover of over €300 million at its 13 sites around the world. Its customers mainly include leading automobile manufacturers such as the VW Group, BMW, Daimler, Renault-Nissan and General Motors. The company also has expertise in other branches such as the rail and aviation industries. In 2013, SumiRiko AVS was taken over in full by Sumitomo Riko Company Limited (formerly Tokai Rubber Industries). Sumitomo Riko is the global market leader in the automotive vibration technology sector.


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Founded in 1929, Sumitomo Riko is a manufacturing company headquartered in Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan. We changed our name from Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd. in 2014. In the automotive field, we manufacture anti-vibration rubber parts, in which we have a leading global share, as well as rubber and resin hoses and urethane sound controlling/insulation products and interior equipment. We are also applying the technologies we have accumulated in automobile parts development to expand our business in the fields of electronics, infrastructure, and “housing environment and health & nursing”. Utilizing our global network of 106 bases in 23 countries, we aim to be a “Global Excellent Manufacturing Company” that provides safety, security and comfort to people worldwide.