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Rubber Mixture


The global specialist for the development and production of high-performance formulations

Technology and development expertise, innovativeness made us the partner of choice for complex customers’ needs

Rubber Compounding France is the unique center of expertise for high-performance rubber mixtures in Decize, Burgundy (France). Our customers could find a mixing process at the edge of technology, but also enjoy of our know-how to develop innovative formulations suitable to each specification.

In-house development and formulations at the highest level

Elastomermischung Prozess

It is on our French localisation that formulations and mixing are elaborated for all our automotive and industrial customers.

More than 450 formulations of common polymers can be provided to suppliers of elastomeric technical parts. We permanently ensure the quality of our products and processes by using complete testing and control equipment.

In collaboration with our French, German and Japanese research laboratories, our experts develop and improve customized recipes based on complex specifications.


After all, we apply these formulations in industrial-chemical processes depending on the raw material used and the characteristics of the vulcanized finished product. We are in touch with a wide range of global suppliers that we use for our production.

We can ensure not only the best technical solution for our customers, but also cost-optimized production.

Quality Testing

State-ofthe-art production technology

Thanks to the greatest-possible flexibility in production, we can meet the needs and wishes of our customers at any time – in a cost-optimized manner and with an average delivery time of one week.  The mixing plant in Decize has cutting-edge facilities essential to mixing manufacturing.


  • Minimum batch quantity: about 160 kg
  • Capacities: 50 tons per day, 12 kt per year
  • Fast delivery-on-request

Processing-ready mixtures or raw mixtures (masterbatch)

Depending on the particular need, we can provide our customers with processing-ready mixtures or raw mixtures that can be stored for up to six months.

Supply form and packaging

  • Continuous thin rubber strips beginning at widths of 50 mm
  • Continuous large rubber strips (also pre-cut) with widths of up to 600 mm
  • Thicknesses of 5 mm to 10 mm

Markets, Customers and Applications

Your Centre of Expertise for high-tech Materials

Our experts will help you in all areas related to the development and production of high-performance rubber mixtures – including the cost- and time-optimised planning of your processing operation. Profit from our many years of experience and our global research and development network. We look forward to assisting you.


In France, we create rubber mixtures for use in the global production network of the SumiRiko Group. High-performance materials, designed to meet the special functional requirements of innovative anti-vibration solutions for our global customers in the automotive industry. We also supply well-known manufacturers of tyres, belt systems and hoses.


Our end-customers include leading global companies involved in rail transport, shipping, nuclear power, water management as well as civilian and military industrial branches.

Exemplary applications

Vibration control technology, noise reduction, automotive rubber parts, bearings and bushings, overflow solutions, fluid management, offshore technology, sealing and repair of pipelines, wear protection, tunnel waterproofing, wheels and tyres.


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