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Silence. The most natural Type of Comfort.
Sumitomo Riko Company Limited has undertaken the update of its vision and also completed the 2025 Sumitomo Riko Group Mid-term Management Plan (2025P).

The Sumitomo Riko Group is directly confronted with global trends toward achieving a sustainable society and with CASE revolutionizing the auto industry. While environmental regulations are being tightened worldwide and more demands are being placed on the market to improve safety and comfort, technological innovation for electric vehicles and autonomous driving is accelerating, and there are high expectations for initiatives to preserve the global environment, starting with carbon neutrality. Therefore, the Sumitomo Riko Group sees this important environmental change as a new business opportunity.

Employees who will likely have a core role in Sumitomo Riko´s business in the 100th anniversary year in 2029 came together to discuss matters such as “What the future society strives to be” and “the reconfirmation of Core Competencies” and established the purpose “To realize the comfort of the society by maximizing the potential of materials through Monozukuri”.2029

Global press release about Sumitomo Riko´s Vision update